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SunCoast Sugar Gliders does not manufacture pet food.  What we do is try as many products as we can get our hands on and test it!  Then we only offer the superior products.

Since 1999, I’ve spoken to many veterinarians and animal nutritionists about best practices in sugar glider diets.  I’ve never heard anyone say that soy protein is superior to human grade animal protein.  Omnivores need protein to thrive.  In the wild, they eat insects, baby birds, eggs and other smaller animals to fulfill their protein needs.  Does anything on this list look like a vegetable?

The vets also recommend having a free feed in the cage 24/7.  Homemade diets are at risk to grow bacteria in 24 hrs or less.  Staple foods are intended to be left out.

Breeding season is when bugs are abundant, so that the sugar gliders can produce healthy, plump, strong offspring. A good source of correct protein makes or breaks a quality pelleted food.


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