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Arnold's Store - sugar glider vet approved, safety first products
General Interest - New to sugar gliders?  Topics for you.
Serious information for sugar glider owners and some kidding around by Arnold and the gang at SunCoast. 

Arnold's Store - Main Lobby, Store Policies, Security, Privacy

Sugar Glider Supplies by Category

Sugar Gliders     Starter Kits     Health & Nutrition     Exercise & Toys     
 Glider Housing     For Glider Lovers     Bonding Pouches     Sleeping Pouches

Sugar Glider Starter Kits

Starter Kits without Sugar Glider Cages - already got a cage?
Starter Kits with Sugar Glider Cage - Economy  (Good)
Starter Kits with Sugar Glider Cage - Sturdy  (Better)
Starter Kits with Sugar Glider Cage - Large Sturdy (Best)
Starter Kits with Sugar Glider Cage - Deluxe Rectangular (Best)
Starter Kits with Sugar Glider Cage - Deluxe Hexagonal  (Best)

Sugar Glider Food & Health

Sugar Glider Bonding Potion - spray mist can ease bonding process
Sugar Glider Food - Wholesome Balance Chicken & Brown Rice
Sugar Glider Food - Zookeeper's Secret moist pellet food
Sugar Glider Food - Sweet Treats: they're called sugar gliders, right?
Sugar Glider Food - Yogurt Drops are a suggie "special reward" treat
Sugar Glider Food - Nectar: Like Gliderade / Glideraide, cheaper!
Sugar Glider Nail Trimmer - Nail-o-Matic trims nails while you sleep!
Sugar Glider Nail Trimmer Jr. - smaller version for travel cages
Sugar Glider Nail Trimmer Wobust - larger version for breeders
Cage & Toy Shield - speeds up clean-up, creates protective surface
Cage & Toy Wash - starves bacteria that cause lingering odors
Clean+Green Odor Neutralizer - glider safe and it really works fast
Sugar Glider Dry Shampoo - keeps 'em smellin' like a baby (almost)
Scooter's Choice Cage Disinfectant and Cleaner - nuclear option
Zoo Med's Can O' Worms, Crickets, or Grasshoppers - fine, retorted
Vionate - highest quality nutritional supplement, value priced
Rep-Cal Green - pure calcium, helps prevent Hind Leg Paralysis (HLP)
Arnold's Choice Possum Milk Replacer - for abandoned joey rescue
Sugar Glider Conditioner - Glider Glo for a dull coat or dry skin
Gut Load Insect Food - feed your crickets the good stuff

Sugar Glider Toys & Exercise

Spinwheel Foraging Toy - hide treats inside the colorful sticks
Foraging Cup - keep those inquisitive gliders active and curious
Sugar Glider Rider - hide-a-way / nest shaped like a cute little car
Sugar Glider Train - WOO-WOO, All Aboard!!  Multi-tasking toy
Spaghetti Teaser - tassel jumps and bounces, gliders want more!
CurlyGig - Sugar Glider funhouse shaped like a horizontal corkscrew
Vine Ball Barbell
- Foraging for food is important to stimulate
Wodent Wheel, Rope Toy, Feather Teaser Toy Pack - Save $4.79!
Wodent Wheel Jr for travel cages and Wodent Wobust  for breeders

Sugar Glider Cages and Accessories

Sugar Glider Cage - Deluxe Hexagonal
Sugar Glider Cage - Deluxe Rectangular
Sugar Glider Cages - Large Sturdy
Sugar Glider Cages - Sturdy
Sugar Glider Cages - Economy
Sugar Glider Travel Cage - collapsible sugar glider cage
Clean+Green Odor Neutralizer - all natural bio-degradable spray
Cage & Toy Wash - natural no-rinse soapless cleaner, blocks bacteria
Cage & Toy Shield - non-toxic, makes cleaning cages easier
Sugar Glider Cage Cleaner: - powerful vet-style disinfectant
Sugar Glider Contempo Cave - hippest urban glider retreat ever seen
Coconut Treehouse - Hideaway. Playhouse. Forager. Ladder. Bridge.
Leafy Vines - leafy foliage gives gliders a place to hide out
Bendable Branches - realistic, can be customized fit to any size cage
Glass Water Bottle - much more sanitary than plastic or a dish
Ceramic Heat Emitter - for Northerners who turn down winter heat
Sugar Glider Feeding Cups - stainless steel food cups & hangers
Sugar Glider Shipping Cage - Taconic: for safely shipping sugar gliders
UniHeat Heat Pack 40+ Hours - provides heat during glider shipping

For Sugar Glider Lovers - Stuff for Humans

Sugar Glider Stuffed Animal - cuddly beanbag fun for all ages
Needle Felt Mini Sugar Glider - OOAK handmade collectible w/ gift bag
Sugar Glider Charm - cute multi-functional accessory, w/ gift box
Sugar Glider Magnets - just in case you want a glider stickin' around

Sugar Glider Pouches

Sugar Glider Pouches - Bonding: the safest pouches on the market.
Sugar Glider Pouches - Sleeping: same safety, added convenience.

General Interest 

1. Sugar Glider - the Right Pet for You?
2. Sugar Glider Care
3. Sugar Glider Diet
4. A Sugar Glider is Born - Week by Week
5. Sugar Gliders are Not Sugar Bears

6. Sugar Glider Pricing and Availability
7. See What Our Customers Say
8. Does SunCoast Ship Gliders and Is It Safe?  Yes, We Proved It!

9. Our Sugar Glider Vet and Advisors
10. Sugar Glider Customer Photos
11. Sugar Glider Art

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136: Male Sugar Glider Anatomy
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133: Resting Breeding Female Gliders, Gliders on a Screened Porch
132: Greek Yogurt, Neutering & Metabolism, Bonding Multiples
131: Unusual Looking Glider, Foraging Needed, "Pet Wanted" Scams
130: Product Testing, Bonding with Sugar Gliders Outside of Cage?
129: Science, Experience & Common Sense in Sugar Glider care
128: Gliders learn their names or sounds? Substitutes for fresh food
127: Sick Gliders Can Be Gentle, Injured Gliders Can be Grumpy
126: Diabetics Smell Like Fruit, A Tale of Two Sugar Glider Colors
125: Taking Gliders to Work; 4 C’s of Bonding; An Inspirational Man
124: Training Humans; Keeping Gliders Warm; Taste Bites; Coco Oil
123: Gliders and Pregnant Humans; Calcium, Vitamins, Minerals
122: More Single Gliders Getting a Pal; Be an “Glider Whisperer"
121: Gliders are SapSuckers? Carnivores? Omnivores? Insectivores?
120: Our Experience with Sugar Glider Self Mutilation
119: Adding an Intact Male to a Neutered Male / Female Pair
118: Dear Arnold, Get Prepared for the Joey Birth Adventure
117: What Not to Feed, Chewing Damage, Problems to Watch For
116: Non-Glider Animal Companions; Separating a Breeding Pair
115: Introducing New Sugar Gliders, Glider Bites You Should Like
114: Arthritis in Gliders, Blending Fruits & Veggies, Water Choices?
113: Calm People Bond Faster, Opposite Sex Pairs WILL Have Joeys
112: Update on PVC Cage Toxicity Issues, Breeding Logistics
111: Be Wary of PVC Coated Wire Cages! How to solve the problem
110: Glider Hissing, Negative Reinforcement, Revisiting Grapes
109: Glider Myth Busters: Things Sellers Say We Disagree With
108: Scrawny Joeys, Care Fund, Send Me an Ornery One!
107: Single Sugar Gliders, Bonding with Earplugs, Wellness Vet Visits
106: Inbreeding Issues, Humidity in the Sugar Glider Room?
105: Are Pedigrees Important?, Lifestyle for Owning Sugar Gliders?
104: Recycled Sugar Glider Toys, Sugar Glider Exchange Milestone
103: Vets Speak Out (or Not?) on Pellet Food: They Love It
102: Cleaning & Hygiene 2, Seller Standards, Food During the Day? 2
101: Cleaning & Hygiene, Aflatoxin Worries, Food During the Day?
100: 100th! Newsletter Topic Categories, Best of Dear Arnold?!
99: A Newbie’s Take on Bonding; A Glider Afraid of the Dark?
98: Thrive Versus Survive; The Glider Listener
97: Bad Sugar Glider Products; Plants in the Glider Habitat
96: Glider Sitters, Corn a Four Letter Word; Too Many Mealworms?
95: What Not to Feed, Glider Accident Prevention
94: Why we avoid soy; Go ahead and share that turkey!
93: Can Sugar Gliders Get a Cold or Flu? Fix Rust Spots on Cages
92: Signs of Aging in Sugar Gliders, Cremino Sugar Gliders
91: Temperament in Breeding Gliders, Cage to Bonding Pouch
90: Sugar Glider Nutritional Study; Wholesome Balance Staple Food
89: Foraging Toys, Shipping Sugar Gliders, Staple Food Important?
88: Handling Females w/ Joeys in Pouch, Breeding Gliders as Pets
87: Too Many Toys, Magic Bullet for Picky Eaters
86: New Bonding Potion, Stop HR 669, Sugar Glider Kitchens
85: Community Speaks on Giardia, Using Water Bottles
84: Giardia in Sugar Gliders
83: Black Sugar Gliders, Humidity is Important, What Not to Feed
82: Setting Up a Joey Cage, Red Lights, Sugar Cane, Do Gliders Fly?
81: Sugar Gliders Falling Safely, Does Breeding Make Gliders Mean?
80: Sugar Gliders vs Flying Squirrels, Disposable Toys
79: Defining Sugar Glider Aggression, Feeding Cat Food
78: New Sugar Glider Information Sites
77: Glider Whisperer, Hyperactive Gliders, USDA Licenses
76: Sugar Glider Newbie FAQ; How long can sugar gliders breed?
75: Special Report: Sugar Glider Laws
74: When are Sugar Gliders Too Young to Adopt, Too Old to Bond?
73: Sugar Glider Bald Spots, Sugar Gliders Eating Household Bugs
72: Nutritional Values of Bugs; Can Gliders Get Rabies?
71: Cheap Toys, What Not to Feed, Toy Safety
70: Are the canned bugs alive?  Pets as Holiday Gifts
69: Sugar Gliders and Scents; Staying on Top of Product Safety
68: Are Sugar Glider Messy or Noisy?; Rare Color Gliders Available
67: Games gliders like; Will Gliders Bond to Several People?
66: Skunk Smell; Pet Fashion; Classroom pets; Evacuation Checklist
65: Sugar Glider Biting; Training to Stop Biting
64: My Glider Escaped!, SunCoast Color Program; Eye Infections
63: Myth Busters: Horizontal Cage Bars, Shelves, & Cannibalization
62: Will A Glider Die If Left Alone?  Why Do Gliders Bark?
61: Dear Arnold, Is One Glider a Good Idea?
60: Calcium to Phosphorus Ratio in Foods
59: What Not to Feed, Toy Safety and Maintenance
58: Ferret Folly, Gift Guide, Male Baldness, Sneezing
57: The Worst Home Hazards to Sugar Gliders, Cataracts
56: Caught in Glue Trap, Shivering, Solid Roof Cages, Exotic Vs. Wild
55: Little Red Bumps; Feeding Gliders Onion and Garlic; Mealworms?
54: Follow-up on Grapes; Sugar Glider Cages - Build or Buy?
53: Sugar Glider Info, Fruit Skins/Seeds, The Grape Controversy
52: Hand Rearing Orphaned / Abandoned Joeys - Part II
51: Hand Rearing Orphaned / Abandoned Joeys - Part I
50: How do you know when Sugar Gliders are bonded?
49: Bonding with Sugar Gliders
48: Cleaning Sugar Glider Cages, Dear Arnold
47: All Arnold, All The Time
46: Bugs in Cages, Dear Arnold, Gliders and Christmas Trees
45: Weekly Diet for Feeding Sugar Gliders
44: Weaning Sugar Glider Joeys and Joey diets
43: Katrina - What Can WE Do?
42: Sugar Glider Diets Revisited
41: Nest Boxes vs Sleeping Pouches, Dear Arnold, Wet Tail
40: Gliders and New Companions, Dear Arnold, Eating Outdoor Bugs
39: Do Sugar Gliders Bite?, Dear Arnold
38: Farewell to Debbie, Wild Caught Vs. Captive-Bred
37: Breeding Gliders Via Stud Service, Tsunami in Indonesia
36: Finding a Companion Sugar Glider, Glider Safety in the Home
35: Bonding with more than one person, Behavioral Disorders II
34: Get One Now, Get One Later, Changing Behavioral Disorders
33: Special Hurricane Edition
32: Sugar Glider Breeder #3, Putting Sugar Gliders on a Diet #2
31: Sugar Glider Breeder #2, Putting Sugar Gliders on a Diet #1
30: Becoming a Sugar Glider Breeder, Picky Eaters #2
29: Breeding Glider Trios #2, Dear Arnold, Dealing with Picky Eaters
28: Breeding Glider Trios #1, Dear Arnold, Unproven Diet Plans #2
27: Sugar Glider Rescues #2, Dear Arnold, Unproven Diet Plans
26: Sugar Glider Rescues, Dear Arnold, Glider Hair Loss #2
25: Sugar Glider Odor, Dear Arnold, Glider Hair Loss #1
24: Year End Thoughts, Raising Breeder Standards
23: Glider Color Variations - Part II, Dear Arnold, Revisiting Diet
22: Glider Color Variations, Dear Arnold, Sugar Glider Dental Health
21: Photographing Your Sugar Glider, Dear Arnold, Basics of Genetics
20: Glider Nail Trimming, Dear Arnold, Same Signs/Different Diseases
19: Sugar Glider Product Testing, Dear Arnold, Monkey Pox
18: Trimming Nails, Dear Arnold, Spaying Female Sugar Gliders
17: Plants in Glider Habitat, Dear Arnold, Toxoplasmosis
16: Sugar Glider Nectar (Glideraide), Dear Arnold, Electrolytes
15: One or Two Gliders?, Dear Arnold, Hand Feeding Joeys
14: Gliders and Kids, Bonding Gliders #4, Breeding Gliders #4
13: Boys or Girls?, Bonding Gliders #3, Breeding Gliders # 3
12: Emergency Vet Fund, Gliders as Gifts, Breeding Gliders # 2
11: Sugar Glider Leashes, Bonding Gliders # 2, Breeding Gliders # 1
10: Traveling with Gliders, Bonding Gliders #1, Working w/ Breeders
9: Gliders Outdoors, Believe It or Not?, Behavioral Disorders
8: Having Babies, Potty Training?, Hind Leg Paralysis
7: Glider Food Review, Baby Roscoe, Glider Anatomy
6: Snakeman Tribute, Safety Issues, Selecting a Vet
5: Sugar Glider Introductions, Glider Wound Care
4: Climate, Baby Rescue, Glider Food, Proper Cages
3: Gut Loading, "Love Bites", Transferable Diseases 
2: Glider Shipping, Meet SunCoast Folks, Glider Nutrition
1: Gliders with other Pets, Neutering
Start: Introduction / Newsletter Start

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