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Dear Lisa,
As a new glider owner, I have really enjoyed the newsletter A LOT
The information is helpful and easy to understand. And I get a kick out of
Arnold. He's my favorite writer (no offense to anyone else).
Susan Singh

Welcome to GliderVet, your resource for safety first, expert advice on our sugar glider friends!  Whether you are a veterinarian, a sugar glider veteran, or a sugar glider owner wanna-be, you need to read GliderVet!  Below is more information on the free monthly newsletter and subscription details.

Newsletter Welcome Message

Hi there!  Lisa here.  Thanks for checking out GliderVet, the free monthly newsletter written by experienced glider breeders, vets, and owners - namely us, our sugar glider vet Dr. C., and some of our long time customers.  We're going to get down to the nitty-gritty on sugar gliders and you're welcome to pitch in with questions on anything about our captivating friends.  Send questions to this address.  You don't have to be a "vet" to ask a question!

Dr. C. will be a main feature in the newsletter, commenting on a wide range of topics from her experience as an exotic pet vet.  We'll have some practical advice on things like growing your own mealworms and will take issue with some of the urban legends out there about caring for sugar gliders.  There are far too many gliders getting hurt and even dying because people have not been taught how to properly care for their gliders, and we aim to change that!

Plus, we'll have special guest contributors (that means you) who have a unique viewpoint on a topic, an amazing glider experience to share, who are creating glider art, or whatever else that might come along - as long as it is interesting, factual, and relevant to the glider owner.  Got a story you would like us to consider for publication in GliderVet?  Send it right along here.

Thanks for your interest in subscribing to the GliderVet newsletter.  My promise: I will do everything I can to make your free subscription to GliderVet worth your time.

See ya 'round the glider cage.

Lisa "Ellie Mae"  Bordelon
Suncoast Sugar Gliders

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If you know your new e-mail address before it has been activated, you can also change your address to the new one on this list with one command:

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An acknowledgement message will be sent to both the new and old e-mail address, when the change process has been completed.

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A second email message to the address will toggle you back on the distribution list, and you will start receiving your messages again.

The vacation command is useful since it does not force you to go through an unsubscribe, subscribe, and confirmation process to temporarily suspend your subscription.

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To e-mail the Listmaster, click here.   Arnold

Sign up for the free monthly GliderVet newsletter!
Click here
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