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December 2013
GliderVet #139: Words With Arnold

October 2013
GliderVet #138:  Playing with your Sugar Gliders

September 2013
GliderVet #137:  The Accidental Sugar Glider Rescuer

August 2013
GliderVet #136: Male Sugar Glider Anatomy

July 2013
GliderVet #135: Why it's a Good Idea to feed Bugs to your
Sugar Gliders, Natural Sugar Glider Movements

June 2013
GliderVet #134: When your Glider loses a Companion,
Introducing New Gliders to New People, Multiple Cages for a Single Colony

May 2013
GliderVet #133: Resting Breeding Female Gliders,
Gliders on a Screened Porch, Safety for Traveling Gliders

April 2013
GliderVet #132: Feeding Greek Yogurt, Dear Arnold: Male
Neutering & Metabolism, Bonding: Separate or Together?

March 2013
GliderVet #131:  An Unusual Looking Sugar Glider,
Foraging: A Natural Instinct, "Pet Wanted" Ad Scams

February 2013
GliderVet #130:  Product Testing, Bonding
with Sugar Gliders Outside of Cage?

January 2013
GliderVet #129: Science, Experience & Common Sense,
Re-visiting What Not to Feed Sugar Gliders

December 2012
GliderVet #128: Do sugar gliders learn their names or sounds?
What not to feed; When you can't get fresh food

November 2012
GliderVet #127: Sick Gliders Can Be Gentle, 
Injured Gliders Can be Grumpy; Sugar Glider Weekly Menu Example

October 2012
GliderVet #126: Diabetics Smell Like Fruit,
A Tale of Two Sugar Glider Colors

September 2012
GliderVet #125: Taking Sugar Gliders to Work; 4 C’s of Bonding; Dear Arnold; An Inspirational Man

August 2012
GliderVet #124: How Do We Train Our Humans?; Keeping Sugar Gliders Warm; Tasting Bites; Coconut Oil;

July 2012
GliderVet #123: Sugar Gliders and Pregnant Humans; SunCoast on “other diets”; Calcium, Vitamins, Minerals

June 2012
GliderVet #122: Dear Lisa / Dear Arnold; More Single Gliders are Getting a Pal; Can Anyone Become an “Animal Whisperer"?

May 2012
GliderVet # 121: Classifying Sugar Gliders - Are they Sap Suckers?  Carnivores?  Omnivores?  Insectivores?

Apr 2012
GliderVet # 120: Our Experience with Sugar Glider Self Mutilation

Mar 2012
GliderVet # 119: Adding an Intact Male to a Neutered Male / Female Pair, Can Solar Flares Affect Sugar Glider Behavior?

Feb 2012
GliderVet #118: Dear Arnold, Get Prepared for the Joey Birth Adventure

Jan 2012
GliderVet #117: What Not to Feed; Dear Arnold,
Chewing Damage, Top 8 Glider Problems to Watch For

Dec 2011
GliderVet #116: Non-Glider Animal Companions for Gliders; Separating a Breeding Pair; Thanks to You

Nov 2011
GliderVet #115: Introducing New Sugar Gliders,
Glider Bites You Should Like

Oct 2011
GliderVet #114: Arthritis in Gliders,
Blending Fruits & Veggies, Water Choices

Aug / Sep 2011
GliderVet #113: Calm People Bond Faster,
Asking to Get Bit, Opposite Sex Pairs WILL Have Joeys

July 2011
GliderVet #112: Update on PVC Cage Toxicity Issues, 
Breeding Gliders: Who Should Stay and Who Should Go?

June 2011
GliderVet #111: Be Wary of PVC Coated Wire Cages!
What to look for and how to solve the problem

May 2011
GliderVet #110: Glider Hissing, Negative Reinforcement in Glider Bonding, Common Newbie Questions; Revisiting Grapes

Apr 2011
GliderVet #109: Glider Myth Busters: Things Some
Sugar Glider Sellers Say that We Disagree With

Mar 2011
GliderVet #108: Scrawny 8 Week OOP Joeys, 
Emergency Vet Care Fund, Send Me an Ornery One!

Feb 2011
GliderVet #107: Selling Single Sugar Gliders: Ignorance or Arrogance?  Bonding: Can earplugs help?  Veterinary Wellness Visits

Jan 2011
GliderVet #106: Consequences of Inbreeding; More Glider
Lifestyle Information; Humidity in the Sugar Glider Room

Dec 2010
GliderVet #105: Are Pedigrees Important?, Dear Arnold, 
Is my Lifestyle Suitable for Owning Sugar Gliders?

Nov 2010
GliderVet #104: Recycled Sugar Glider Toys,
Dear Arnold, Sugar Glider Exchange Milestone

Oct 2010
GliderVet #103: Shipping Rate and Policy Changes, 
Dear Arnold, Vets Speak Out (or Not?) on Pellet Food

Sep 2010
GliderVet #102: Cleaning & Hygiene Part II, Raising Glider Seller Standards, Food for my Gliders Out During the Day? Part II

Aug 2010
GliderVet #101: Cleaning & Hygiene, Aflatoxin Worries,
Should I Leave Food for my Gliders Out During the Day?

July 2010
GliderVet # 100: SunCoast's 100th Edition!  Newsletter Searches & Category Listings.  The Best of Dear Arnold?!

May 2010
GliderVet # 99: Fun Animal Videos; A Newbie’s Take on Bonding;
A Glider Afraid of the Dark?

April 2010
GliderVet # 98: Thrive Versus Survive; The Glider Listener

March 2010
GliderVet # 97: Glider Sitter during Vacation; Corn is a 
Four Letter Word; Mealworms: Too Much of a Good Thing?

February 2010
GliderVet # 96: Top Ten Bad Sugar Glider Products; Plants in the Glider Habitat; Stranger Visitors and Cannibalization

January  2010
GliderVet #95: What Not to Feed, Glider Accident Prevention

December 2009
GliderVet #94: Why we avoid soy;
Go ahead and share that turkey!

November 2009
GliderVet #93: Colored Gliders Update; 
Can Sugar Gliders Get a Cold or the Flu?  Fix Rust Spots on Cages

October 2009
GliderVet #92: Dear Arnold, Signs of Aging in Sugar Gliders,
Cremino Sugar Gliders

September 2009
GliderVet #91: Temperament Changes in Breeding Sugar Gliders, Moving from Cage to Bonding Pouch; Changing Staple Foods

August 2009
GliderVet #90: Sugar Glider Nutritional Study (Dr. Ellen Dierenfeld),  Wholesome Balance Sugar Glider Staple Food

July 2009
GliderVet #89: Foraging Toys, Shipping Sugar Gliders,
Is a Staple Food Really Important?

June 2009
Handling Females with Joeys in the Pouch.  Do breeding gliders make good pets?  What to do when a companion sugar glider passes?

May 2009
GliderVet #87: Too Many Toys, Magic Bullet for Picky Eaters

April 2009
GliderVet #86: New Bonding Potion, Sugar Glider Kitchens,
Starter Cages for Joeys, Stop HR 669

March 2009
GliderVet #85: Community Speaks on Giardia, Using Water Bottles

Feb 2009
GliderVet # 84: Giardia in Sugar Gliders

Jan 2009
GliderVet # 83: The Elusive Black Glider; Resolutions;
Humidity is Important, What Not to Feed

December 2008
GliderVet # 82: Using Red Lights with Sugar Gliders, Sugar Cane, Setting Up a Joey Cage, How Do I Get My Glider to Fly?

November 2008
GliderVet # 81: How Far can Sugar Gliders Fall Safely,
Does Breeding Make Gliders Mean, Pets During Renovation

October 2008
GliderVet # 80: Sugar Gliders Versus Flying Squirrels, In Search of a Double Wide, Disposable Toys

September 2008
GliderVet # 79: Defining Sugar Glider Aggression, Teenage Fuzzbutts, Feeding Cat Food, USDA License Hobby Rule

August 2008
GliderVet # 78: New Sugar Glider Information Sites

July 2008
GliderVet # 77: Glider Whisperer; ADD, Hyperactive or Just a Teenager?; USDA Breeder, Broker, or Exhibitor?

June 2008
GliderVet # 76: Introductions aren’t working; How long can sugar gliders breed?; Rapid fire answers for Glider Newbies!

May 2008
GliderVet # 75: Special Report: Sugar Glider Laws

April 2008
GliderVet # 74: Starter Cages; When are Sugar Gliders
Too Young to Adopt, Too Old to Bond?; Can Gliders Get Mad?

March 2008
GliderVet # 73: Sugar Glider Bald Spots; 
Gliders Eating Household Bugs; The Gliders that Own Me

February 2008
GliderVet # 72: The Gliders That Own Me;
Nutritional Values of Bugs; Can Gliders Get Rabies?

January 2008
GliderVet # 71: Itchy Gliders, Fun and Cheap Toys!; 
What Not to Feed; Toy Safety

December 2007
GliderVet #70: Are the canned bugs alive?; What's the difference between exotic animals and regular animals?; Pets as Holiday Gifts

November 2007
GliderVet #69: Sugar Gliders with Incense, Candles,
Colognes & Scented Soaps; Staying on Top of Product Safety

October 2007
GliderVet # 68: Are Sugar Gliders Messy or Noisy?;
Rare Color Gliders Available

September 2007
GliderVet # 67: Games gliders like; Shipping Gliders to Canada;
Working with other breeders; Gliders bond to several People?

August 2007
GliderVet # 66: Skunk Smell; Pet Fashion; Classroom pets;
Evacuation Checklist

July 2007
GliderVet # 65: Why do Sugar Gliders Bite?;
And Can you Train them to Stop Biting?

June 2007
GliderVet # 64: My Glider Escaped, Will He Come Back?;
SunCoast Expands Color Program; Eye Infections

May 2007
GliderVet # 63: Myth Busters: Do gliders need horizontal
bars in their cage?  What about shelves?;  Cannibalization

April 2007
GliderVet # 62: The Glider Community Responds: 
Will A Glider Die If Left Alone?  How Can You Tell If Your Glider Is Happy?  Why Do Gliders Bark?

March 2007
GliderVet # 61: Freezing Foods, Introducing in a Tent,
What Does Crabbing Sound Like?, One Glider a Good Idea?

February 2007
GliderVet # 60: Calcium to Phosphorus Ratios in Food

January 2007
GliderVet #59: What Not to Feed,
Toy Safety and Maintenance

December 2006
GliderVet #58: Ferret Folly Follow-up,
Gift Guide, Male Baldness, Sneezing

November 2006
GliderVet #57: Caught in Glue Trap Follow-Up, 
The Worst In Home Hazards to Sugar Gliders, Cataracts

October 2006
GliderVet #56: Caught in Glue Trap, Shivering,
Solid Roof Cages, Exotic Vs. Wild

September 2006
GliderVet #55: Little Red Bumps; Feeding Sugar Gliders Onions and Garlic / Baby Food; Are all Mealworms Alike?

August 2006
GliderVet # 54: Follow-up on Grapes;
Sugar Glider Cages - Build or Buy?

July 2006
GliderVet # 53: Scanning Our Site for Sugar Glider Info,
Fruit Skins and Seeds, The Grape Controversy

June 2006
GliderVet # 52: Hand Rearing Orphaned / Abandoned Joeys - Part II

May 2006
GliderVet # 51: Hand Rearing Orphaned / Abandoned Joeys - Part I

April 2006
GliderVet # 50: How do you know when sugar gliders are bonded?

March 2006
GliderVet # 49: Bonding with Sugar Gliders

February 2006
GliderVet # 48: Cleaning Sugar Glider Cages, Dear Arnold

January 2006
GliderVet # 47:  All Arnold, All The Time

December 2005
GliderVet # 46: Bug Problems Around Cages, Dear Arnold,
Gliders and Christmas Trees

November 2005
GliderVet # 45: Weekly Menu for Feeding Sugar Gliders

October 2005
GliderVet # 44:  Weaning Sugar Glider Joeys and Joey diets

August/September 2005
GliderVet # 43: Katrina - What Can WE Do?

July 2005
GliderVet # 42: Sugar Glider Diets Revisited

June 2005
GliderVet # 41: Nest Box vs Sleeping Pouch,
Dear Arnold, Wet Tail?

May 2005
GliderVet # 40: Do Gliders Accept New Companions?,
Dear Arnold, Eating Outdoor Bugs?

March/April 2005
GliderVet # 39: Do Sugar Gliders Bite?,
Dear Arnold

February 2005
GliderVet # 38: Farewell to Debbie,
Dear Arnold, Wild Caught Vs. Captive-Bred

January 2005
GliderVet # 37: Breeding Gliders Via Stud Service,
Dear Arnold, Tsunami in Indonesia

December 2004
GliderVet # 36: Finding A Companion Sugar Glider, Dear Arnold, Prevention is the Best Medicine

November 2004
GliderVet # 35: Bonding with more than one person, 
Arnold's Holiday Gift Choices, Behavioral Disorders II

October 2004
GliderVet # 34: Get One Now, Get One Later,
Dear Arnold, Changing Behavioral Disorders

September 2004
GliderVet #33: Special Hurricane Edition

August 2004
GliderVet # 32: Becoming a Sugar Glider Breeder Part III, Finding The Best Sugar Glider Products, Putting Sugar Gliders on a Diet Part II

July 2004
GliderVet # 31: Becoming a Sugar Glider Breeder Part II, Dear Arnold, Putting Sugar Gliders on a Diet Part I

June 2004
GliderVet # 30:
Becoming a Sugar Glider Breeder, Dealing with Picky Eaters Part II

May 2004
GliderVet # 29: 
Breeding Glider Trios #2, Dear Arnold, Dealing with Picky Eaters

April 2004
GliderVet # 28:
Breeding Glider Trios #1, Dear Arnold, Unproven Diet Plans #2

March 2004
GliderVet # 27: 
Sugar Glider Rescues II, Dear Arnold, Unproven Diet Plans

February 2004
GliderVet # 26:
Sugar Glider Rescues, Dear Arnold, Glider Hair Loss Part II

January 2004
GliderVet # 25: 
Sugar Glider Odor, Dear Arnold, Glider Hair Loss Part I

December 2003
GliderVet #24: 
Year End Thoughts, Raising Breeder Standards

November 2003
GliderVet #23:
Sugar Glider Color Variations - Part II, Dear Arnold, Revisiting Diet

October 2003
GliderVet #22:
Sugar Glider Color Variations, Dear Arnold, Sugar Glider Dental Health

September 2003
GliderVet #21: 
Photographing Your Sugar Glider, Dear Arnold, Basics of Genetics

August 2003
GliderVet #20:
Sugar Glider Nail Trimming, Dear Arnold,
When the Same Signs Indicate Different Diseases

July 2003
GliderVet #19: 
Sugar Glider Product Testing, Dear Arnold, Monkey Pox

June 2003
GliderVet #18:
Trimming Nails, Dear Arnold, Spaying Female Sugar Gliders

May 2003
GliderVet #17: 
Plants in Glider Habitat, Dear Arnold, Toxoplasmosis

April 2003
GliderVet #16: 
Sugar Glider Nectar (Glideraide), Dear Arnold, Electrolytes

March 2003
GliderVet #15:
One or Two Gliders?, Dear Arnold, Hand Feeding Joeys

February 2003
GliderVet #14: 
Gliders and Kids?, Bonding Gliders #4, Breeding Gliders #4

January 2003
GliderVet #13: 
Boys or Girls?, Bonding Gliders #3, Breeding Gliders # 3

December 2002
GliderVet #12: 
Emergency Vet Fund, Gliders as Gifts, Breeding Gliders # 2

November 2002
GliderVet #11: 
Sugar Glider Leashes, Bonding Gliders # 2, Breeding Gliders # 1

October 2002
GliderVet #10: 
Traveling with Gliders, Bonding Gliders #1, Working with Breeders

September 2002
GliderVet #9: 
Gliders Outdoors, Believe It or Not?, Behavioral Disorders

August 2002
GliderVet # 8: Having Babies, Potty Training?, Hind Leg Paralysis

July 2002
GliderVet #7: Glider Food Review, Baby Roscoe, Glider Anatomy

June 2002
GliderVet #6: Snakeman Tribute, Safety Issues, Selecting a Vet

May 2002
GliderVet #5: Sugar Glider Introductions, Glider Wound Care

April 2002
GliderVet #4: Climate, Baby Rescue, Glider Food, Proper Cages

March 2002
GliderVet #3 - Gut Loading, "Love Bites", Transferable Diseases 

February 2002
GliderVet #2 - Glider Shipping, Meet SunCoast Folks, Glider Nutrition

January 2002
GliderVet #1 - Gliders with other Pets, Neutering

December 2001
Introduction / Newsletter Start

Just wanted to say thank you for the 4 part article on bonding!  I am a brand new glider owner, and my girl Indie is about 4 years old.  I couldn't seem to find the answers to the questions I had about older gliders and bonding, but after reading your article I am much more confident and feel much more secure in my knowledge of what her needs will be over the next few months as we really get to know each other.  Thanks again!!!

Amanda Laborde & Indie 500
Colorado Springs, CO

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